Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama

Are You Having Trouble Selling

Your Home?

Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama
Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama

Sell Your Home FAST and Get the Most For It!

Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama
Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama
The Hottest Real Estate Strategy To Sell Your Home Fast!

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Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama

Discover How a Lease-Purchase

Can Work for You!

Have you ever tried to sell a home and it seemed as though nobody was interested in it? Realtor couldn’t sell it after they convinced you to list your home. Thought about renting it, but you realized that wouldn’t work due to the Land lording headaches. You must leave town and the home sits vacant.

Have you ever had bad renters? Late Payments? Damage to your property? Land lording has never been fun, especially when you have a nice home with bad tenants.

Your home sits vacant and you have no hope of it selling. You will probably make three or even four mortgage payments. Your insurance company could cancel your homeowner’s policy if the home sits for 30 days or more. (Read your policy!) Your home sits there with no bites and you think about reducing the price to sell it quickly. You know you need to do something NOW! Here’s the solution: Lease-Purchase.

  1. Build Equity every month without spending another dime!

  2. No long vacancies that could lead to financial stress!

  3. Safer than conventional rentals, better quality tenants with a commitment!

  4. No management headaches so you save money!

  5. Receive full asking price with no haggle!

  6. Receive a non-refundable down-payment instantly!

  7. No or little maintenance costs or repairs so you don’t get late night phone calls!

  8. Tax benefits that will save you thousands every year!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

Thanks for giving me a real solution that saved me from mortgage payments I couldn’t afford to pay. - Sylvia Purtna

You did exactly what you promised. This is so much better than renting my home.
- Bobby McCormick

You found a buyer for my home and they closed on it in 6 months. What else can I say! - Marcia Gonzalez

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about doing a Lease-Purchase. You surely convinced me how ignorant I was. Thank You So Much! - Rob McMillian

You saved me from foreclosure, it feels good that there are still honest people in the world. I’m telling everyone about what you did for me. Thanks Again! - Belinda G.

Where were you a year ago, I could have used your help then. I guess it’s never too late. Your the man! - Roy W.

Your Lease-Purchase Program is truly a win-win solution. This program allowed me to finally move and I didn’t have to worry about being a landlord. Thank you so much for everything. - Monica Smith

Thank you for selling my home so quickly. I struggled with 2 Realtor’s that promised me that they could help. They never mentioned this program to me. - Robbie S.

My house sat on the market for 8 months before I found you. Thank you for finding a qualified Lease-Purchase buyer within 12 days. Your awesome! - Marc Sanchez

I had lost all hope after having my home on the market for over a year. You came over and explained your Lease-Purchase Program to me and I have to say, I was quite impressed on how professional you were. I have now successfully sold my home with a Lease-Purchase buyer and I couldn’t be much happier. Thanks - Betty Thomas


Magic City Lease Purchase in Birmingham Alabama
Magic City Lease Purchase Guide and Chris Goff
Magic City Lease Purchase Guide and Chris Goff

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